Replacing estate agent clichés with something a little more truthful.

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By Liam Butler (@LiamMakesStuff)

Inspired by Downworthy by Snipe. Logo by Paomedia, with some modifications. Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.


shitemove is a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox. When on a property listing it will take words such as 'stunning' and 'stylish' and replace them with words like 'passable' and 'tacky'.

Here are some good examples that came up during testing:

An estate agent listing with altered text. It says 'Cupboard. Winkworth art trying to shift part of an ex-council (meaning someone has made a tidy profit off of this) blog. Accommodation comprises of a separate fully fitted kitchen, a characterless bathroom and a disappointing living/bedroom area.'
An estate agent listing with altered text. It says '1 bedroom flat. SHORT LET. A disappointing and bog-standard one bedroom raised ground floor apartment presented in decidedly average condition throughout and featuring room with high ceiling and access to a lacklustre communal garden.'
An estate agent listing with altered text. It says '1 bedroom flat. Shit one bedroom first floor apartment in shit location'


By default, it only works on the following UK property sites:

Funnily enough, it seems to work best on London listings.

You can also add other sites via the Options page, or just turn it on for the whole internet. I haven't tested with every web page, so can't guarantee how well it will work.

Click on the shitemove icon to pause/unpause, or to access the options.

A picture of three house icons. The first is in colour. The second is black and white. The third is black and white with a pause icon in the bottom-right corner.

When shitemove is active on a page, the icon will light up. If not, it will be in black and white. If paused for all pages, there will be a 'paused' badge.

If it isn't working and you think it should be, try refreshing the page.


You can get here by clicking the logo and then clicking Options, or via the Extension settings page.

A screenshot of the options menu

Add new sites by typing them in the empty box and clicking Save.

If you're feeling brave you can turn it on for all sites.


Don't you think you're being a bit unfair to landlords and estate agents?


Can you see what I'm looking at on my browser?

Nope. Nor do I want to.

Why is it UK only?

Because that's where I've looked for places to live. If anyone wants to write a dictionary for other countries and provide a list of property sites, let me know.

However, you can add other sites to shitemove. I just can't guarantee how many of the clichés will apply.

I've spotted an issue. How can I shout at you?

You can raise an issue on the Github repo or send an abusive tweet over to @AngryFlatCap


I'm Liam. I make stupid things and put them on the internet for the approval of strangers. Here are my Facebook and Twitter pages, and here is my website.